Australians are known for loving the outdoors, but when it comes to summertime many of us are guilty of hiding inside the house with the air conditioner turned right up. Considering the high temperatures and humidity that we experience here in Queensland, it’s not surprising that many of us opt for the couch over the deckchair. The only problem is, if we hide from the heat and the cool, when are we ever going to enjoy our beautiful state?

If you’re ready to start making the most of your outdoor area while staying cool and sun smart, stop hiding inside and consider some of the many benefits of having a patio.

1.  Protect yourself and your belongings from the sun

Don’t want your fabrics to fade in the summer sun? As well as protecting you, your family and your guests from the harsh summer sun, a patio can also protect your furniture and belongings from sun damage.


2.  Increase the value of your home

Outdoor entertaining areas add significant value to residential properties, especially in Queensland where having an outdoor lifestyle is particularly desirable.


3.  Use your outdoor area all year round

Install ceiling fans and heating strips or gas patio heaters to make best use of your area all year round. That way you can always enjoy an outdoor setting, whether the weather is rain, hail, or sunshine!


4.  Extend your living area

The patio should be an extension of your home and a space where your family can comfortably hang out any time of the year. Add couches, cushions, plants and personal touches that make your outdoor area just as comfortable as your indoor living room.


5.  Increase your storage space

More covered area means more storage space, so forget about rusting bikes and lawnmowers; just create a dividing wall under the patio roof to hide bits and pieces from the garden while keeping them safe from the elements.


6.  Entertain more

Installing a patio creates extra space for entertaining friends and family. Make the most of the outdoors while the weather is warm and the barbecue is fired up.


7.  Low maintenance

Patios can be assembled from patio kits (carport kits are also available for extra storage space) and are made from high grade durable steel. They are extremely tough-going and designed to withstand Queensland’s moody tropical weather. They can be installed in the ground or on slabs, which means no more lawn mowing for you!

If you’re ready to stop mowing lawns and start enjoying your outdoor area, call us on (07) 3267 1010 or visit our showroom to see our carport and patio kits close up and personal. We supply to installers who demand the best sheets, beams and components for their patio and carport kit projects at the best prices. And YES, we also supply direct to the public as well as trade industries. Stop hiding inside and start enjoying Queensland in the summer months.