Most people would be surprised to learn that you really can make very high quality custom Christmas tree ornaments made with sheet metal designs. As a matter of fact, this is an old tradition, lost in the modern swirl of instant products. In the past, you couldn’t just rush out and buy your Christmas ornaments, so these old Christmas hangings and motifs were hand-made.

The Fun Way to get Your Christmas Ornaments

Making your own decorations really is a fun approach to Christmas ornaments, especially if you have kids.

Some pointers for planning:

  • Consider the essentials – What are the absolute must-haves for your tree? Candy canes, snowmen, stars, special gift ornaments, or other favourites?
  • Ask the kids – You may wind up with some Christmas dinosaurs, super heroes, and decking the halls with a lot of Christmas My Little Ponies dancing through the snow, but you can also expect a lot of fun for everyone.
  • Consider themes – Would you like a traditional Christmas scene for the base of the tree, or standalone ornaments, or a modern “designer” metal tree? Either way, it’s easy to do.

How to Create Your own Christmas Tree Ornament Designs

(Important safety note – Unless you’re an experienced sheet metal worker, it’s best to have your ornaments professionally cut. Sheet metal can be sharp and hard to shape, and you really do need to know how to work with these materials to achieve top quality cuts and properly round off sharp metal edges.)

It’s quite easy to create your own designs:

corrugated Christmas onament

  1. Think about the sorts of Christmas ornaments you really like. Create a special wish list of all your favourites. You can even include Christmas scenes for around the tree, if you want.
  2. Select designs online, or draw your own, if you like.
  3. Think about colours for your ornaments. Sheet metals come in a range of great tones and traditional colours, too.
  4. Take your designs to your local sheet metal fabricators and you’ll find that they can tell you everything you need to know, and give you some useful tips as well.

If you’re in Brisbane and looking at custom Christmas tree ornaments for this Christmas, we can provide the best sheet metal available. To get in touch with Queensland Sheet Metal, visit us online or give us a call. We can make your tree look fabulous.