If you’re looking at types of roofing materials for a home upgrade or renovations, Colorbond® roofing is famous for its toughness, attractiveness, and extreme durability. It’s undeniably the most sought after coloured steel currently on the market. What some people might not know, however, is that Colorbond® is also a very useful design choice which can improve property values, reduce maintenance, look great, and allow you to create that fabulous designer look for your home. 

Colorbond® Roofing Design Essentials

If you’re not familiar with the latest modern Colorbond® roofing solutions, be prepared for some very pleasant surprises, and a lot of great choices. The choice of Colorbond® roofing colours, in particular, is truly exceptional, and allows for some real creativity and design integration with your home, matching your roof to your preferred exterior look. 

You’ll be astonished at the range of possibilities. If you have a traditional old style roof that needs an upgrade, you’ll find exactly what you want. If you have a smart home that needs that extra bit of space and colour coordination, you’ll find that Colorbond® roofs can offer a solution for you too. 

Big Advantages of Colorbond® Roofing

It’s no coincidence that most professional roofers are happy to recommend Colorbond® as an “all environments/ all types of residence” option for their clients. It’s easy to install and cheap in terms of area coverage. Colorbond® roofing has earned its very high Australian reputation for practical values, as well as design values. It has also earned itself an enviable and fully justified reputation for being a virtually no-maintenance roofing option. 

If these Colorbond® roofs ever do need any maintenance, it’s always very simple, easy to do, and comparatively much cheaper than tile or other roofing options. In dollar terms, the Colorbond® roofs virtually pay for themselves. 

The Market Science of Looking Great

In the modern property market, looking great makes a very big difference to both buyers and sellers. The roof is one of the biggest visible surfaces in any home, and it definitely stands out, good or bad. It’s the first thing people see, and your property values can be directly affected, positively or negatively, by your exterior. If you’ve seen some of the sad-looking, neglected roofs, you may agree that they compare very badly with more modern roofing. 

In fact, a great looking roof directly enhances property values upfront, pushing prices up. Buyers definitely do not want to look at a roof which looks like it could cost thousands of dollars to fix and sellers don’t want a roof which instantly cuts their house value, either.

Colorbond® roofs have all the answers. If you’d like to discuss your roofing needs, talk to Queensland Sheet Metal, your roofing specialists. We’ll be happy to assist and provide all the support, practical advice, and guidance you need.