As kids get bigger, they need space, preferably a safe, happy, environment which is their own, and is made for having fun. Designing a cubby house is a good option, allowing plenty of scope for kids and parents to create a dream home in the back yard.

Designing a cubby house is also a lot easier than it might seem. You may be surprised to learn that you can even get cubby house plans on eBay! These plans are also very good guides to what’s involved in making a plan, and allow you to explore your design choices.

(Tip: Take a little time to really check out cubby houses online and you’ll see some of the cutest cubby houses, and a lot of different options for kids according to their age and your budget.)

You’ll also be pleased to hear that the cubby house “industry” has also had a lot of useful inputs and commentaries from parents, including the basic do’s and don’ts, quality issues, and lots of handy tips for DIYers online.

Design Basics – Materials

Strong, dependable materials for cubby house frames, roofs and exterior features are an absolute must. Stick to top quality materials, like metal roofing, good quality timber, and remember – if a building material looks flimsy, it’s definitely not suitable for kids.

  • Frames – cubby house frames need to be made of tough, resilient materials like treated pine. These are usually box frames, which able to support loads with ease.
  • Roofing – the roof is a protective surface, and it needs to be able to withstand the elements, as well as kids climbing on it. There are plenty of roofing options available. Colorbond roofing is the benchmark option for quality, and also offers a lot of good design choices for colours. It’s also good idea to include simple guttering, (appropriate downpipe sizes, fortunately, are easy to get) and proper roof sealing to waterproof the interior.
  • Windows – window awnings for cubby houses are easy to find, too. These awnings protect kids from harsh direct sunlight, and reduce interior heating during the day. Also ensure that window frames are very strong and stable.
  • Patios – many of the more advanced cubby houses include patio areas, which of course also need to be protected. Patio roofing materials come in a wide range of materials and colours. These patios really do look great, so be prepared to have a bit of fun choosing your exterior design and creating your Chateau Des Kids.

Sourcing Cubby House Materials

If you’re looking for cubby house materials and would also like some friendly expert advice, talk to Queensland Sheet Metal about your needs. We have a lot of materials, and lots of experience to help you create your fabulous kids dream home.