Your roof is one of the most important investments you’ll ever make. Your roof protects everything inside your home, from your crawlspace and insulation down to the furniture and items inside your house. Any damage to your roof spells disaster for the rest of the home. Making sure that your roof is well protected against weather damage should be a priority for every homeowner.

Here are five tips to help you prevent any potential damage to your home’s roof:

1.  Gutters

Gutters are very important for removing water and other debris away from your roof. It’s also important to channel where the run-off is directed, such as a downpipe or a rainwater tank. If your gutters are broken, then the extra weight of dead leaves or water can damage your roof.

If there are holes in your gutter, then water could be pouring directly onto the exit points of the home, window frames, or even on your power box. You can imagine the damage that might cause.

Check your gutters each season to ensure that they are free from leaf build-up and do not have any corrosion that might create a hole. If you need to invest in some new gutters then view our range of guttering materials here.

2.  Paint

The paint on your roof is the first layer of protection, particularly for corrugated metal sheets. They protect against oxidisation, rain, and the sun. It is a coat of armor against the damaging effects of weather. Australia is known for our beautiful sunshine, but the hottest rays of the summer can quickly damage unprotected metal.

Artificial materials, such as Colorbond® are more resilient by design, but the paint is still essential for protection. Check your roof every year to ensure that there are no patches that need a touch-up or repainting.

3.  Branches

Trees that tower over your roof can seem like a great way to add shade and lower monthly bills by blocking solar heat, but they also pose a risk to your roof. It is vital to check for dead or weakened branches that are hanging over your roof. Any dead branches or trees must be dealt with at once.

High winds or rain storms can topple those down onto your house, smashing through your roofing and unleashing the full force of the storm onto your home’s interior and contents.

4.  Fire

Bush fires are unfortunately a serious concern for most of Australia. Prior to the peak season of the summer months, be sure to check your property for excess build-up of bush or undergrowth. Consult with your local council about how to best reduce this threat without creating a potential risk.

Also, make sure you have a fire plan to tackle burning embers that might land on your roof. With bush fires, preparation is key.

5.  Patios & More

Other elements of your home might have roofing as well, such as patios, verandahs, and more. Treat them with the same diligence and care that you would with your main roof. Any damage to them might seem modest, but since your family and friends might be underneath them without protection, any structural failure can cause serious injury.

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