Keeping heat out of the house during Queensland’s harsh summer months can be a tough feat. Because the air in Queensland is often very humid, heat is conducted in the moisture and can permeate into every room, nook and cranny of the house. This leads to mouldy cupboards and draws, and warped wooden walls, furniture and fittings. Heat can also be bad for your body, leading to heat exhaustion, the dreaded summer flu and a host of other ailments. Keeping your house cool during summer is not only a necessity for home maintenance in Queensland, but also for your health. If you want to beat the summer heat, it’s time to consider insulation for your home.

More than just your home’s best friend in winter, insulation can help you with temperature control at every time of year.

Here are a few ways it can help you out when you’re battling the sweltering sun.

Insulation Enhances Air Conditioning

Air conditioners and cooling systems can only do so much to combat the heat when not supported by quality insulation. No matter how much cool air they pump into your home, it’s of no use if it’s turned back into warm air when it reaches the windows and walls and is met by warmth coming in from the outside. Installing quality home insulation is a great way to protect your home from incoming warmth in the summer and incoming cold in the winter. The purpose is to contain and maintain the inside temperature while keeping temperatures from outside at bay.

Rapidly Reduce Your Cooling Costs

Because insulation is so effective at keeping the heat out during summer it not only provides comfort for you and your family, but significantly reduces the costs of cooling. More effective temperature control in your home means that you need to use your cooling system less and therefore reduce your power bills and energy footprint. Some estimates claim that home insulation can reduce power bills by up to 40% in peak summer.

But insulation is not just for the summer – effective insulation can also keep the cool out during winter. Whatever the season, it helps to give you a break from extreme temperatures and maintain a comfortable living environment in your home. Roof insulation can also be installed to reduce noise from air traffic deter condensation from creeping through the windows.

Choose the Perfect Insulation for You

The best results are achieved by installing a combination of types of home insulation. The types which best suit your home or project may vary, but common installations include blanket insulation for the roof, Fireseal Party Wall Batt, SolairCell and Whirlybirds to remove trapped heat. It’s always best to speak with a professional to determine the best insulation plan for your home or project before beginning work. If you require advice specific to your project, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your insulation requirements.

Save money on power bills and keep cool in summer with Queensland Sheet Metal insulation. We supply quality insulation for all purposes, including blanket insulation, wall insulation, Solaircell and more. Contact Queensland Sheet Metal on (07) 3267 1010 for advice on which type of insulation will keep the heat out of your home this summer.