Even if you like birds, having them nesting in your roof can represent a series of real and potentially quite expensive problems. Often, birds in your roof can be a warning sign of bigger problems and usually their presence just makes these issues worse. Let’s look at a few problems that our feathered friends can cause, as well as a step-by-step guide for prevention.

The Problem with Nesting Birds

While not everybody likes birds as pets, nobody should want them in their roof. Here’s why:

  • Warning Signs – birds in the roof can indicate that there are gaps in the surface and these gaps can let in moisture, rain and debris. This can lead to fungal growth, rot and progressive damage over time.
  • Damage – birds can make a mess of your roof by behind their own debris from nests and other activity. This can lead to any of the problems described above and even exacerbate them!
  • Rats – birds can attract rats that are foraging for eggs and this just doubles your problems. Rats can gnaw wiring; create fire hazards, and cause other issues too. They also nest and can use roofing materials to make their nests.

The cumulative costs of fixing these problems can be high, meaning prevention is definitely better than a cure. Fortunately, it is easier than you might think to protect your roof from unwanted invaders. Simply by choosing metal roofing, you can create a secure environment that birds simply can’t enter.

Modern metal roofing like Colorbond® roofing is an all-purpose solution, with more than a few upsides for the family home, too.

How to Prevent Birds from Nesting in Your Roof

  1. Carry out a thorough professional check of the roof, inside and outside, and identify problem areas. Look for degraded areas, gaps, and signs of moisture which indicate breaks in roof seals, or structural issues.(It’s best not to try to do this yourself. A professional will know where to look, and where to find the usual suspects for roof problems. Damaged tiling and guttering, or displaced tiles, for example, are often entry points for birds and rats.)
  2. Assess any damage, and plan a bird-proofing repair and restoration strategy
  3. Explore your options for dependable, low maintenance metal roofing materials and consider your choices. (Colorbond® roofing solutions are great for upgrades and they come in a range of colours too.)
  4. Talk to the roofing experts about metal roof installation, costs, and repairs to the interior roof

Problem Solved, with Added Benefits from Metal Roofing

Metal roofing comes with a lot of added benefits, as well as bird proofing, including some help for the budget:

  • Low cost.
  • Low maintenance, and maintenance, if required, is much cheaper.
  • Very long product life.
  • Can survive damage from falling branches and other typical Australian roofing issues better than old-style tiles.

If you’d like some help with bird-proofing your home, Queensland Sheet Metal can help. Explore our range online or get in touch today to discuss your needs.