If you’re looking for your next DIY project or the right materials for your business in Brisbane, then let our range of roofing and walling supplies and accessories inspire you. With our quality manufacturing and fast customer service you can create an outdoor feature from a raised garden bed or inspiring architecture from corrugated roof sheeting. Queensland Sheet Metal has a wide variety of high quality products available to you, meaning only your imagination can limit what you create. Explore a few of our examples below to see how our products can work for you.

Enhance Your Architecture with Corrugated Metal Roofing

You might think that roof sheeting is nothing more than functional, but at Queensland Sheet Metal in Brisbane, we believe our products can inspire design. Corrugated roofing isn’t just for roofs , it’s great for walls and fences too. The timeless design of corrugated sheets mean they can complement both contemporary and traditional architecture. Use our corrugated metal roofing to add a final touch to your property’s exterior style by adding it to a roof or even a rustic feature wall or fence. You can add corrugated sheets to your shed or a cubby house for the kids! Learn more about corrugated roofing today and pick up a versatile product that’s made to last.

Create Your Ideal Space with a Carport or Patio

If you need an entertaining space or a place for your car in Brisbane, why not consider getting both? Our great products ensure that your carport will protect your vehicle and your patio will be the perfect entertaining space. If you have the need for both, but the space for one, then try creating a sophisticated outdoor living environment with our products. Your carport can protect your car most of the time and become a great entertaining area. Put the car out the front and move in some tables for a party that’s protected from the weather. Get your new versatile outdoor living area by exploring our carports and patios today!

Enhance Your Outdoor Space with Corrugated Garden Beds

If you want to enhance your garden then our corrugated garden beds are great for you. Garden beds are a great way to shape your garden, providing form, style and colour to your backyard. Our garden beds are custom made, coming in a range of shapes, sizes and Colorbond colours, and they’re a safe environment for your plants to blossom. Place our great garden beds in a row to create a focal point in your garden or spread them throughout your yard, or even around the house. Bring new life to your surroundings and add a natural touch to your garden or home. Our garden beds even make great gifts! Learn more about our garden beds today and bring a personal style to your space.

With a great range of products, we’re sure to have something to spark your inspiration. Contact us today.