The Integrity panel is ideal both for new builds, and for replacing old, outdated cladding. If you’ve discovered that your old cladding does not meet AS standards, you have to replace it.


Integrity Cladding

Whenever you’re enlisting help for your business, you want to be sure that you’re working with a person or a product that has integrity. That same principle applies when you’re choosing architectural cladding for a commercial property. No cladding style has more integrity than our aptly named Integrity design.

Our Integrity sheet metal cladding is a big panel that can be cut down to the right size for your commercial property. It has a stylish, progressive and minimalist look. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice safety and functionality for style. It’s a fire-retardant panel that is totally up to AS standards.

When you need Integrity

The Integrity panel has been rigorously tested. It’s non-combustible and works in accordance with AS 1530-3. It’s one of the best architectural cladding materials—perfect for a commercial or industrial environment, and it looks great too.

Comparing the Integrity

Integrity panelling is equivalent in weight to other similar claddings used in a commercial facade. However, the Integrity has a more versatile design. When you’re working on replacing old cladding, you don’t want a new design that clashes terribly with the existing architecture. The integrity panel, which is flat and has a clean look, will fit right in and not draw undue attention to itself.

Colour of Integrity

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes—and colours, too! You don’t want to have to repaint your entire structure just to fit in with new cladding. Instead, pick cladding in a colour that suits your business.

Integrity panels don’t just come in one colour—they come in a variety of different finishes. You can get integrity finished with any of the colours in ranges like UniCote, Magnaflow and Unicote Lux.

Not sure about which sized panel or colour to use for your specific property? We can help. Just contact a member of our qualified team of architectural cladding suppliers and we can talk you through the many options to find a suitable one for you.