Are you thinking of doing some roofing renovations? Roof work can be extremely satisfying, not to mention practical, but there are also safety considerations involved.

If you’re not an experienced DIY roofer who has done roofing work before, we strongly recommend hiring professionals for the job. With that in mind, here is some guidance on how to plan your roofing renovations.

Renovations Essentials

Roof renovations can be structural. They often involve reconfiguring your roof for a new attic or for similar purposes. These renovations can be very productive, adding value to your home and giving you new space and a new look.

Because of the structural work involved, it’s important to do your homework, particularly regarding costs and roofing materials.

Here is some general advice:

  • Metal roofing is cheaper, stronger and has a very long product life: Metal roofing is precision-cut and can be tailored to any design quite easily.
  • Metal roofing is easier to work with: Tile roofs can be structurally complex and very demanding in some configurations. That can blow out your costs considerably, even with competent professional roofers doing the work. Metal roofing uses simpler structures, including insulated metal panels.
  • Make sure you’ve got your costs nailed down: With any kind of roofing renovation, be absolutely sure you’ve got a good price and a good supplier for your materials. Preferably, source everything you need, like your guttering, from a single source, both for a better deal and a better upfront quote.

The All-Important Planning Step

The first step is planning. You will need:

  • Accurate plans of your new roof, preferably done by architects, builders, or roofers: A single inaccurate measurement can throw out your whole roof and cost you time and money fixing the issue.
  • A decision about your roofing materials: One of the reasons for suggesting metal roofing is that it’s a much easier type of roofing to work with. If you’re doing a large renovation, start with metal roofing as your default choice. Consider friendly and easy to work with materials like five rib and corrugated roofing as good all-purpose options.
  • To decide on new guttering and downpipes: With a new structure, you will probably need new pipes and gutters. Make sure you’ve got your guttering and everything you need before doing your renovations.
  • A time frame for completion: Time is money in roofing, and it can be expensive. The classic trap for DIYers is conflict of other commitments with your renovation job. Make sure you set a tight timeframe, especially when you are completing the work yourself.

Step 2: Doing the Renovations

Whether you do your roofing yourself or you hire expert roofers, always work to a schedule. This approach will progress your renovation systematically and get things done on time without added costs.

  • Work safely, and make sure your safety gear is in top condition
  • Don’t work in wet weather or when the roof is obviously very wet
  • Remove slippery debris from the roof before working on it.

Need Expert Help with Your Roof Renovations in Brisbane?

Queensland Sheet Metal can help you with your renovations. We supply top quality metal roofing and our friendly roofing experts can provide advice for DIY work. Ring us or contact us online for any help you need. Check out our useful DIY tips as a guide to basic metal roofing work.