Queensland Sheet Metal is proud to present our brand-new range of architectural cladding. The Pinnacle Range consists of four stylish profiles that have been inspired by the latest European designs. These strong, bold textures suit any architectural design and create a stunning finish on any structure.

Metal cladding is used to cover the exterior of a structure, offering a protective layer against the elements and environmental conditions. The Pinnacle Range is durable, safe, and low maintenance. Not only do these sheets protect the structural integrity of your building, they also give you the opportunity to make a stylish statement.

How to Choose Your Architectural Cladding

There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing the materials for your home, including:

  • Our homes need to be built to last
  • Low-maintenance solutions will make life easier in the long term
  • Our homes reflect our personal style and tastes
  • We need protection from the harsh Australian climate in both summer and winter
  • Building materials need to blend in seamlessly with the home, creating a relaxing space to live
  • Our homes need to be safe

The Pinnacle Range for Modern Roofing

At QSM, we’re focused on creating contemporary beauty in steel. Choose a design from the Pinnacle Range for an evidently beautiful finish on any structure. The entire range is non-combustible, tested in accordance to AS 1530-3. Each design is available in a variety of finishes, including Colorbond®, Magnaflow™ and UniCote® Lux.

Steel Roof Cladding


With deep, slender ribs and wide, flat pans this cladding will make a bold statement. It uses a concealed fixing system for a clean finish and it can also be tailored to your own specifications.

Horizon Panel Design in Queensland


This versatile panel design can run vertically or horizontally and is a stylish choice. Horizon provides an aesthetically pleasing contemporary solution for any structure.

Architectural Cladding on a house


Alpine is made up of broad flat pans and tall slender ribs to create an eye-catching, clean design. This panel has the option of two different fixing systems which allows the panel to be used for either roof or wall cladding.

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