Here at Queensland Sheet Metal, we sell all kinds of sheet metal; not just different metals in different colours, but in different designs and patterns. There’s such an enormous range – and we could go on about it all day – but for your convenience, here are a few of our favourite types for roofing.


The corrugated design is hugely versatile and can be used for roofing, walling and fencing. No matter the design of your house – from a modernist cutting-edge glass-box to a beautiful old-fashioned Victorian terrace house – corrugated metal is an aesthetically pleasing match.

Five Rib

Five rib is a strong, affordable, easy to install and lightweight option. Often, you’ll see it being used in commercial properties, but it also is a popular choice for people’s homes. It has excellent resilience in rough weather and is ideal for low pitched roofs and long spans.

Conceal Fix

The key feature of conceal fix roofing is the single piece concealed clip. It’s an innovative design which guarantees peak performance and simple installation. You can use conceal fix roofing in areas with high rainfall with a low roof pitch. It has top-of-the range wind load performance, comprehensive bird proofing, and is uniquely guaranteed against mechanical failure.

Span Roofing

Span roofing looks a great deal like normal corrugated sheet metal, but with a contemporary twist. Much like the ordinary corrugated design, it’s perfect for commercial or domestic settings. It has a nine-rib design, which delivers strength, while maintaining a chic look.

Mini Corrugated

The mini corrugated design is a bit like the Mini car—it’s cute, and visually suited to urban inner-city environment for walling purposes. But as well as the attractive look, there’s a clever and practical design at work here. Because of the cut of the metal, it is best to use at least two people when installing the mini corrugated variety. You’ll want to be sure that you get a uniform and even finish.

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That’s a whole lot of sheet metal, and it’s only just the start of our range! If you’re keen to find out more, or aren’t sure which roofing option would suit your situation best, get in touch and we’ll be only too happy to offer advice.

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