The catastrophic Queensland floods of 2010-2011 began after several incidents of heavy rainfall throughout the state, which ruined many homes. Queensland is regularly hit by strong floods, and this is part and parcel of living in a tropical environment, especially during La Nina years. But the particularly devastating floods of 2010-2011 serve as a reminder to all Queenslanders to make sure their homes are reinforced to prevent flood damage. There are several affordable options Queenslanders can take to protect their homes against flooding and work to keep their families and belongings safe.


 Reinforce the Roof

Reinforce the roof with water resistant materials such as high grade metal roofing. This will help prevent damage during heavy rainfall and periods of high wind. The low weight also means less stress on the structure of the home in the event that the foundations are compromised by flooding.

Metal roofing is also long-lasting and can reduce power bills by keeping the home cooler during the summer months. There are many options for metal roofing, with corrugated metal roof sheeting and easy-to-use five rib metal roofing being the most popular.


Make Sure Your Guttering Can Cope with Heavy Rainfall

Reinforce your gutters to make sure they can cope with heavy rainfall, high winds and a potentially large amount of fallen leaf matter. Strong gutters are wide, deep and made from high quality steel, but a large variety of designs are available to suit different homes.

Take a look at our guide to gutters or contact us for advice.


Reinforce the Walls

Structural integrity is of the utmost importance during periods of flooding. Consider reinforcing the exterior walls with water resistant materials such as corrugated wall sheeting or ribbed wall sheeting.


Install Sufficient Drainage

Don’t forget that flooding can also come from inside the house, so it is important to install an interior or exterior backflow valve in you drainage systems to prevent water flowing out of drains and damaging your home.


Check Council Flood Inundation Maps

Before making any changes or extensions to your home, be sure to site your local council’s flood inundation maps to make sure you’re not building on a flood plain or flood prone area. Always seek professional advice before making home improvements and use water resistant materials wherever possible.


Raise Power Supply and Switches

Safeguard your electrical systems by raising all switches, sockets and wiring above the worst expected flood levels. If you’re expecting flooding, be sure to move all electrical equipment and wiring well above ground level and switch off appliances.


Queensland floods are among the worst and most frequent in Australia and are responsible for millions of dollars’ worth of damage to property on a regular basis. Make sure your home is protected from flood damage this wet season by contacting Queensland Sheet Metal for advice today. We provide high grade, durable metal roofing, guttering, accessories and wall sheeting. Call us on (07) 3267 1010.